Tour Token Burned 5647 Unsold Tokens

Tour Token first token Burn

5647 Unsold Private Token Burnt

While some people think the crypto world is where anyone can come and do whatever they like, it is important to note that crypto operators have ways of regulating what goes on within their circle.

Just as there are various means of stabilizing legal tenders, market activities in the crypto world does not just happen without any control. Our sales has just ended, and over 5,000 tokens were burnt in the process.

I’m sure you are already asking yourself what this burning thing is all about. Well keep reading to find out all you need to know about all the recent our activities.

What’s it about?

Burning is a conscious attempt by cryptocurrency creators to withdraw a particular amount of tokens from circulation. There are a number of reasons tokens are burned by its creator. One of those many reasons include to increase the token’s value by deflating its price. This is an effective way of controlling the forces that could promote inflation in the cryptocurrency world.

Many crypto operators have actually employed this method to save the value of their tokens. The only a few other exceptions adopt other measures for stabilizing the value of their tokens.

5,647 unsold private token

The window for private sale or seed investor has closed, which means that the sales process is done and dusted with. Those who were fortunate enough to invest can now sit back and wait and see how our token will journey its way to the cryptocurrency summit.

But, in the meantime, it is also relevant to inform you that we are doing everything to make sure our promise of swift returns on your investment becomes a reality as soon as possible.

That is why 5,647 private tokens that were not sold were ultimately burned. The sole purpose of this act was to boost the value of the token. You can imagine how much stability and value those thousands of burned coins can bring in for all our investors.

So what’s next?

Our Private/Seed investor sales is over. Over 5,000 coins have been burned as of today. From this single act, you can tell that we are looking out for the interest of all their investors. Hence, I recommend that you keep a close eye on all the activities going on in our platform, regarding how best you can benefit from our project.