YEARN TOURIST TOKEN: A Tourist’s Delight
Tourism over the years has been a lucrative business that fetches millions of dollars in revenue for home governments. Apart from the revenue It generates, tourism as a sector has over the years been used as a selling point, branding and marketing of a country’s heritage, exportation of culture, among others. To ensure the survival of this booming and lucrative sectors, government who largely control the sector have always been putting measures in place to ensure its growth and survival.
Admittedly, governments of each country where tourism is booming have been putting measures in place to reduce the problems, hardship Tourists face when embarking on Tourism.
However, as good as these measures are, they have not exhaustively deal with the problem that ranks 1st among other problems tourists face while on Tourism. This singular problem more often than note plays an important role in how well, enjoyable and how beautiful an adventure would be.
To compound tourist woes are the excessive bureaucracy shown by Bureau de Change agents which do leave a sour taste on a prospective tourist. As said earlier, these agents could single handedly determine the outcome of a tourist adventure. Either good or bad.
In a world where cryptocurrency is gaining momentum, with different projects launched to combat existing world’s problems so as to create an enabling environment devoid of the hassle or problems deeply inherent in today’s world.
Yearn Tourist token is a hybrid yield farming project that evolved from the typical yield farming projects. It’s a farming project that is developed to solve problems tourists encounter from exchange of different currencies to another.
YEARN TOURIST has been launched as a project and a token to ease tension, extortion and pain associated with embarking on Tourism.
The Yearn Tourist Token (Tour) is built to run on the Blockchain algorithm, and it is designed to ease the problem encountered by tourists around the world anywhere, anytime through Exchange de Bureau agents.
Also, the Project was conceived to serve as a tourist means of exchange anywhere. When this is done, the excessive and arbitrary charges not at par with international exchange rate will be solved. Thus, Tourist are now in full control of their adventure.
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